Security Guarding Service

We designed in compliance. Our vetting is automated. BS7858 cant be avoided! Our software is automated WTD and Min wage regulations cannot be avoided! We outlawed Labour only agreements. Approved Contractor audits cannot
All of our security officers are supported by technology designed to develop their ability, ease their administration and demonstrate their effectiveness.

All officers are enrolled into our award-winning academy. We can demonstrate that every single officer that participates in our e-learning environment increases their security knowledge.

To ensure the very best service delivery, we’ve separated our manned security solution into two key services: RapidGuard and SectorGuard. We also have a recruitment service.

We have already developed specific technology/SectorGuard/RapidGuard solutions for facilities management, education, healthcare, retail, shopping centres, distribution centres, corporate buildings, manufacturing and government services.
ad-hoc security officers


RapidGuard is our answer to ad-hoc security requirements. Where speed and flexibility are crucial, we still maintain a focus on service quality and ensure no compromise on industry compliance.

By developing regional support teams, we can deliver temporary services through full-time employed security officers.

We are focused on capacity management. By utilising our resource visualisation capability within ManPower and predictive analytics to forecast demand, we are able to minimise use of supply chain. We have completely removed labour-only rogues from our service delivery.

Here are practical examples of appropriate use of this service:
• Emergency response (speed of deployment is a priority): Incident response, alarm or equipment failure
• Planned Response (high quality support): Holiday/sickness cover for in-house teams, seasonal uplifts
• Project Response (full time but short length): Store re-fit/building works, events

full-time security officers


Our solution for full-time deployment of security officers starts with an industry-specific set of mobilisation tools.

Our ManPower solution ensures best-in-class recruitment identifying key behavioural traits displayed by officers, to ensure their suitability for the sector.

In addition, the same solution ensures compliance to BS7858 prior to interview. This eliminates the 'dead space' time. We can demonstrate 48 hours from interview to deployment with full compliance.

Within our academy we can deliver sector-specific subject matter and client specific assignment-related content.

We have already developed a suite of Assignment Instructions and risk mitigation tools that are customisable by Industry Sector and individual client.

For those customers who require full transparency, we have partnered with TrackTic to deliver a holistic view of Activity and incidents for a site/contract.

We ensure our officers are continually developed via our app-based 360 monthly reviews, through our IRIS system.

We ensure this all works for our customers through our ServiceCheck automated customer satisfaction solution.