Staff and Recruitment

SSGC is growing rapidly and we are recruiting the very best people to help us on that journey. On this page you can find details of support for staff and our current vacancies.

Employee Concierge Service


Employees may contact the company's concierge service at any time to help resolve issues and ask for advice. Please refer to the sections below that will help you resolve may queries directly. To raise a request for help please email us.

Employment Contract

Your employment contract was issued to you electronically at your provided email address. This will have been done automatically by our systems at the time of your confirmation once you had accepted the offer of employment.

Staff Handbook

Our staff handbook contains details on holiday entitlement and the application process.



Training and Development 

We operate an award-winning academy which promotes active self-learning and development of the skills, techniques and knowledge valued across the security industry. While the academy was devised for our staff, it is open to all applicants. To register, simply apply for a job with us using this form.

In addition to the academy, we operate a site and account-specific training programme to ensure you can deliver the correct service to your allocated client. 

Appraisal and Feedback

We believe in continuous and holistic feedback, from your customers, colleagues, supervisor and, of course, yourself. Using our simple app-based technology, we collect feedback from all stakeholders and compile that into easy-to-digest Amazon-like scores and visual widgets that allow your continuous improvement to be tracked over time.

Apply to Work

You can apply to work for us through our app-based technology using this form. Please read the instructions carefully and have your full details on hand before processing.

We are developing an additional app for people to register their interest, as opposed to completing a full application. To check out some of our current vacancies and apply directly for specific roles, please see our current job vacancies.

SSGC Policy Documents