Why Choose Us


Our specialisation delivers a level of innovation and service quality large corporates can’t compete with. If you are ready to try a new approach and a security solution that demonstrates the ability to deliver then we are the ideal choice. 

Officer Development

We’ve created an environment where every officer is engaged in personal development and a culture where all security officers take an active part in their own knowledge acquisition. This transfers to the customer through a more professional approach to service delivery on site.

Technology supporting people 

We’ve developed a suite of technologies which make the management of a manned security service easier. Transparent reporting and visualisation tools combine to ensure our management team and clients know instantly how contracts and individuals are performing.

Absolute compliance designed in

Our systems have industry compliance built in. We can't schedule an officer without having the correct documentation for BS7858. Security Industry Act, Lone worker protection, GDPR and HSE legislation has all been incorporated in our solution. You can rest easy that you have the best solution available on the market today.