We take great pride in our ability to offer customers a unique blend of technology and management. Our internally-designed systems offer an unparalleled level of quality, ensuring excellent customer service.

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Bespoke Tech

Visualises problem-solving and automates administration


Unique tech provides transparency and accuracy to the customer


Our superior software ensures customer satisfaction from the get-go

We deliver meaningful innovation using our pre- and post-deployment tools

We offer a superior management model to recruit, vet, deploy and manage staff quickly and efficiently. Our tech is designed to support rather than replace people, helping with visualising problems, reducing administration and managing compliance

Closeup of our Resourcer Software
Resourcer Technology

A bespoke software that visualises and manages the administration associated with recruitment, which has enabled us to manage a database of nearly 6,000 security officers.

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Screenshot of our IRIS system
Iris Technology

Iris allows for effective operations management from automated scheduling, visualisation of resources and app-based quality reviews

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Training Platform
SSGC Academy

An online academy which allows us to enrol 100 per cent of our officers into a reward-based personal development programme

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Screenshot of Resourcer technology

See it in action

In a two month period we mobilised more than 5,000 people. This is thanks to our technology, which has enabled us to recruit, manage and deploy staff at scale and speed. 

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