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We know the knowledge of our officers is key to the successful delivery of security services. It’s why SSGC is the first manned guarding company to enrol 100% of its officers into a reward-based personal development programme.

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Bite-sized training on the go
Creates a culture of personal development
Increased professionalism among staff
Over 100k e-learning training bites completed
Training embedded within service delivery

In 2018 we introduced a formal learning objective set for all security officers. We aim to ensure that, within one years’ service, all security officers will be able to:

  • Have good recall on correct patrolling
  • Understand what a trespasser is and take the correct action
  • Understand their powers of arrest in law
  • Identify the points to prove to allow a successful prosecution for theft
  • Know the anti-terror hotline
  •  Relay the latest advice on how to survive an active shooter incident
  • Give examples of good customer service

Our results are amazing. We enrolled 241 delegates, all engaged on 11 modules of e-learning over a 12-month period. Of these, 85 per cent passed at least one module. Training is now embedded within our service delivery system and we now enjoy a culture of personal development.

We are extremely proud of our academy and our faith in this solution has been underlined by the Security Excellence Awards who listed us as finalists in 2018.

Easy to digest

Our mission was simple: to develop a training system which allows all security officers to access bite-sized training during their quiet moments on shift.

Formal learning objectives

We aim to ensure that within one years’ service, all security officers will be able to: have good recall on correct patrolling, understand what a trespasser is and how to take the correct action, understand their powers of arrest in law and much more.

Available everywhere

The SSGC Academy is accessible via the web. It’s been built with both desktops and mobiles in mind which means whether you’re on shift or at home, using a windows or a mac, you’ll always be able to access the Academy. 

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We operate an award-winning academy which promotes active self-learning and development of the skills, techniques and knowledge valued across the security industry. While the academy was devised for our staff, it is open to all applicants. 
To register, simply apply for a job with us.

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