SSGC Vetting Services

Fully-managed employee screening made easy

Our vetting services means fully-managed employee screening is made easy!

Times are changing and the need to check employees extends far beyond the security industry. Critical to the success of any screening solution is the balancing of invasiveness against risk and the control of administration and clear escalation points.
We have built a comprehensive suite of technology, applications and specialist partners that enable us to deliver multi-level employee vetting.

Our automated application process ensures information compliance and reduces administration making control easy.
Our robust processes ensure you take on the best applicants and identify issues early.

Select a Screening Service to suit you

Basic Checks

Basic checks to be carried out when employing new members of staff, such as ensuring cash handlers or employees that are in trusted positions have no unspent convictions, a known financial history and are who they say they are.

Security Checks

Screening to BS7858 for security organisations or those with employees in Government buildings. Single person, large managed project or ongoing vetting solution available.

Specialist Service

A bespoke vetting service for organisations that need a bit more. To suit the banking sector, political offices or those who require senior employees in trusted positions. Our solution balances invasiveness with risk to ensure suitability.

BC7858 Screening
Enhanced Vetting & CTC
HM Treasury Targets
DBS Criminal Checks
Sanction List Checks
Office of Foreign Assets
Financial Checks
Anti Money Laundering
Politically Exposed Persons
Adverse Internet Search
Qualification Validation
FCA Register Search