COVID-19 Mass Testing

We offer a fully-vetted COVID-19 mass testing solution for businesses, schools, colleges and universities, helping to protect the country, businesses and the people within them.

Our on-site service will help deliver the millions of lateral flow tests made available to business and organisations once we all reopen. Our solution will allow you to carry on ‘business as usual’ and we will look after the rest.

Our scalable offering will also provide an ongoing facility for further tests in line with Government requirements.

How and why?

Over the last year, we’ve worked with Serco to manage Covid-19 testing centres on behalf of the Department of Health and Social Care.

This work enabled us to secure the Security Partnering Initiative of the Year award at the prestigious Fire and Security Excellence Awards 2020.

We’ve now evolved our expertise to offer a lateral flow testing solution to businesses and schools, helping take away some of the strain placed on staff. This allows teachers to focus on what they need to – ensuring students are able to get the very most out of their education – and helps companies deliver the best service to their customers.

The lateral flow tests identify asymptomatic, but potentially infectious, individuals quickly and help break the chain of transmission.

What are the benefits?

​You will benefit from the swift roll-out of fully-trained and vetted individuals to sites.

The key components of our mass testing solution are:

  • A scalable staff solution that offers mass testing at the onset and a facility for ongoing tests
  • Full vetting of staff, to include EDBS for full-time workers dependent on the environment
  • Safeguarding training for all deployed staff
  • Full ‘ready to go’ assignment instruction with predetermined test routines
  • Full training for staff from the onset
  • Rapid deployment of the service

Find out more​

We’re inviting businesses, schools, colleges and universities to get in touch to find out more about our testing solution.

We are currently operating the testing regime in more than 250 locations across the UK, with more than 4,000 staff deployed. Many of our locations are managed by former military personnel.