Post-deployment Management Tool


We can deploy 5,000 applicants within 48 hours of interview with full industry compliance. This is thanks to Iris.

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Recorded English language check for every applicant
Fully-online scheduling
Real-time attendance and time updates
Check calls automated with inbuilt escalation
Management visits scheduled through system


Scheduling is online and our control room can collaborate directly with site and client management teams to give a holistic view of schedules and potential service gaps. Time and attendance updates live and is exception-based, ensuring service failures are identified and corrected without delay or the need for customer intervention.

Incident Reporting

Incident reporting is completed through a smartphone app where escalation is immediate and the classification of incidents allows for trend analytics and multi-site benchmarking. Management visits are scheduled through the system with an operation manager question set completed onsite via the app.

Screenshot of our IRIS system

Check calls & Escalation

Check calls are automated with inbuilt escalation, ensuring lone workers are protected. There is also a facility to 'pre-call' the officer prior to shift start for some specialist sites, new locations or new officers.

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