Building a better community

Our work with the Armed Forces

With veterans on our leadership team, we are committed to supporting the lives of the military community in the UK and are a proud signatory of the Armed Forces Covenant

At the very heart of the business is the acknowledgement of the level of sacrifice and commitment to the country displayed by selfless members of the armed forces. Fifty per cent of our shares are owned by veterans and throughout the life of the business, we have extended continued support to them, reservists and other forces families in the UK and beyond.

Our Armed Forces Covenant pledge

Our Armed Forces Covenant pledge covers a range of responsibilities directly addressing employment, licensing, personal development and the PTSD community


We're focussed on supporting the community

As well as having veterans working in roles throughout SSGC, we also team up with various veteran-related organisations and charities so we know we're exacting real change


The number of veterans we employed during the pandemic


The number of veterans we’ve provided retraining to


How much we’ve donated to Mission Motorsport

SSGC teams up with British Forces Resettlement Service

Cementing our support to the military community by joining forces with the British Forces Resettlement Service

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SSGC's strong ties with the armed forces support growth

SSGC is committed to assisting the armed forces community and has helped countless veterans return to a semblance of normality with the help they need, be it financial, physical or mental

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Leading security company CEO wins British Ex-Forces in Business Award

CEO, David Stubbs picked up the ‘business leader of the year’ honour at the glittering Ex Forces in Business Awards 2021

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