Staff Hub

This page includes helpful information and relevant links to help you manage your employment at SSGC. 

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Welcome to the your new guard employment app, made specifically for SSGC guards

Employee Concierge

Employees can contact the company's concierge service at any time to help resolve issues and ask for advice. For quick queries, you can use our live chatbot.


Our staff handbook contains details on holiday entitlement and the application process.

SSGC Academy

We operate an award-winning academy which promotes active self-learning and development of the skills, techniques and knowledge valued across the security industry. While the academy was devised for our staff, it is open to all applicants. To register, simply apply for a job with us.

Are you in the right place?

You can apply to work for us through our app-based technology using this form. Please read the instructions carefully and have your full details on hand before processing.​ We are developing an app for people to register their interest, as opposed to completing a full application. To check out some of our current vacancies and apply directly for specific roles, please see our current job vacancies.​

Some commonly asked questions

I need to book holiday, what do I do?

Fill out one of the concierge contact forms and they will handle your holiday request.

I need to discuss my shifts

Please email or call 0800 368 8340

I have an urgent request

For urgent requests, use our live chat. You can access this via the orange message button to the bottom right of your screen. Keep in mind that the often the quickest way to get resolution is to check our help center or through use of the concierge form.

Policy Documents

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