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Quaility Policy For Financial Year 2022/23

Quality Policy

At SSGC we are committed to ensuring our clients and customers receive services of consistently high quality. We pride ourselves on good business, and a rigorous quality management procedure is central to our operations. 

We ensure all new recruits are well-versed in this policy, and that copies are readily available at local offices and other establishments. This helps emphasise and enact the pivotal role that quality control and monitoring plays at SSGC. 

Quality Statement

The SSGC management team ensures that the services we provide are managed by an appropriate Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure our clients and other stakeholders receive a consistent and high quality service. The purpose and use of this QMS is communicated to all our staff. 

We believe that continuous improvement can be best integrated into business practice through a process-centred approach. This ensures that quality is checked at all stages in our operations. To this end we set and monitor quality objectives regularly, and at all our Management Reviews.

The QMS is compliant with the quality parameters of ISO 9001:2015. Moreover, it adheres to the requirements of our industry-specific PSIA Act 2001, and to the appropriate requirements of BS 7499:2013, the Code of Practice for Static Guarding, Mobile Patrol and Keyholding Services and BS 7858:2012, the Code of Practice for Security Screening of Personnel Employed in a Security Environment.

Quality Policy Management

At SSGC we recognise that businesses and industries are dynamic. What works one day will require refinement the next - and the same goes for our policies. We manage our Quality Policy to ensure it fulfils the requirements of ISO9001:2015, and we also strive to ensure it is:

  1. Fit for purpose
  2. Committed to our industry standards
  3. Designed to embrace continuous improvement
  4. Communicated to our staff
  5. Reviewed regularly for suitability

Points a) and b) are achieved through a continual and concerted effort to monitor our industry. This includes open and frank discussion with customers, and the monitoring of relevant industry standards and long term dynamics within our industry.

The philosophy behind our QMS is the same as the philosophy embraced by ISO9000: one of continuous improvement through a process-aligned design. Our product delivery design model is mirrored by processes that deliver each of the key elements in the product delivery value chain.

This policy is a crucial part of our service delivery, and is delivered to our staff through management meetings, performance reviews, and on our company website. Management meetings also offer the perfect occasion for monitoring the suitability of the policy and associated QMS. We embrace this opportunity, and promptly update the policy and QMS wherever needed. 

Approval For this Statement

This statement was approved by the Board of Directors on 27/10/2022 signed by Frano Lubura, Quality Manager/General Manager.

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