Employer of choice

SSGC is actively working towards becoming the employer of choice in the security industry. This is something we strive towards on a daily basis and is part of our long-term goals.

Protection of statutory rights

We aim to ensure our employees thrive by shaping market-leading policies and practices. We are aware of multiple loopholes being exploited with regards to labour-only contracts and go out of our way to ensure the statutory rights of security officers are not being abused within our business and beyond. Read more here.

Constant Development

We have created a culture of development, as everyone takes part in a learning strategy via our SSGC Academy, which is at the centre of their own knowledge acquisition. What’s more, our non-security staff have been offered fully-sponsored SIA training and licensing.

Screenshot of our IRIS system

Transparency in pay and flexibility in working hours

We consistently invest in our software to provide our employees with a safe and transparent platform to access their work schedules. Our software provides employees with a real-time view of their work calendars, pay and schedules, allowing for a more streamlined and efficient use of resources, unlike any other offered in the industry.

SSGC Academy

Our systems enable us to oversee an entire job without the need for corner-cutting and completely negate the need for labour-only agreements. We do this while staying industry- compliant 100 per cent of the time.

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What’s coming?

We are developing a mobile-based app for our employees to make their everyday working lives that much easier. The app will allow them to manage shifts, change personal information, request holiday and much more.

Read some of our success stories

Here are case studies of SSGC employees who have each had different experiences of personal and professional growth within our business.

Frano Lubura

Croatian Frano Lubura gained his undergraduate degree in his homeland before moving to England, where he joined SSGC as an intern as part of the Erasmus scheme.

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About James Rose

James Rose is the first double above-knee amputee to make it to the summit of the highest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro, completely unaided by prosthetics.

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Ruth Fluke

Ruth Fluke has been consistently recognised for her commitment and hard work, quickly moving up the ranks at SSGC.

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Omar Barrow

Omar Barrow is another veteran who joined SSGC during its fight against coronavirus and enjoys being part of another tight-knit community.

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