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Employee case study

Ruth Fluke

I found the company online and applied for a role working at the Covid-19 test centres at the height of the pandemic. I was interview and started with the company in July 2020 as a supervisor for the Test and Trace project which the business had taken on, on behalf of the UK government.

I was in this role for six months when I was selected and re-interviewed for the role of an area recruitment manager. I was very fortunate to pass this stage and then worked as a quality manager for another six months looking after the Midlands region.

I then looked after London for short period on the Comensura contract managing thousands of operatives and liaising with Serco clients, which was a brilliant learning opportunity both professionally and personally.  

In September 2021 I was then offered the role of regional operations manager looking after Security Industry Authority(SIA).

I have been in this role for six months now and absolutely love it! The support and growth opportunities from SSGC are amazing I have been able to develop and grow with the close guidance from senior management.

I am always kept updated with changes within the company and look forward to new opportunities and ventures that SSGC has to offer.