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AFC Policy Executive Summary

The following is a summary of details for the sign off of Policies to enhance the overall AFC project.

There are three separate Policy documents, one for each of the sub-categories within the AFC. The Reserves Policy has the most detail due to the statutory requirements within the Reserve Forces Act 1996. Listed below in their sub-categories are the pertinent aspects and benefits to the individuals.

Reserves & Cadet Forces Adult Volunteers (CFAV)

   I.         The Company is committed to granting additional paid leave of 15 Days per year to Reservists specifically toenable them to attend their annual camp.

  II.         The Company is further committed to granting CFAV additional paid leave of 5 Days per year to enable them to attend their annual camp.  

   III.         Additional unpaid leave or annual leave from the employee’s normal annual allocation will be granted on a case-by-case basis for short periods of training provided adequate notice is given and where such trainingcannot be undertaken in off-duty time. Attendance at weekend training which cannot be undertaken duringoff-duty will be subject to the same arrangements.

   IV.         Line Managers will facilitate work rosters to allow attendance at annual camp and other training commitments (e.g., weekly or weekend training sessions) unless there are exceptional circumstances.

  V.         The Company will continue to treat the contracts of employment of employees mobilised for Reserve Service as operable throughout the period of such service and there will be no loss of continuous service or service-related benefits.

   VI.         Where mobilisation occurs, the employee will be given special unpaid leave of absence.

   VII.         The Reservist should be reinstated within 6 weeks of the last day of their full-time service. They must be reinstated for a minimum period of 13, 26 or 52 weeks, depending on their length of service prior to mobilisation.

   VIII.         The company will adhere to any statutory requirements in regard to Reservists and CFAV.

Spouses’ & Families

   I.         The Company shall grant service spouses, partners & Military families an additional 5 days paid annual leave and the option of 5 days unpaid annual leave during the period of deployment. The additional leave may be used anytime from two weeks prior deployment, to two weeks after deployment.

   II.         The Company understands the need for flexibility and short notice leave to support deployments, particularly where childcare is a factor. The Company shall therefore support short notice leave, wherever possible and where the operational needs of the business allow.

   III.         The Company shall ensure priority allocation for Annual Leave to mirror the Service Personnel’s Post Operational Tour Leave (POTL) or Rest & Recuperation (R&R) dates, subject to adequate notice given and operational needs of the business.

 IV.         The Company we consider any additional requests on a case-by-case basis.


   I.         The Company will sponsor any veteran employee who wishes to obtain an SIA (Security Industry Authority) Licence.[1]

  II.         The Company will sponsor any veteran achieving supervisor status or higher with SSGC into membership of the Security Institute.

   III.         We seek to support the employment of veterans young and old and to work with the Career Transition Partnership (CTP), in order to establish a tailored employment pathway for Service Leavers.

[1] Will the company ask the individual to sign a Study Agreement to enable “Clawback” of funds if they leave the company before a certain time period?