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Gender Pay Gap Report 2022

SSGC’s overall mean and median gender pay gap are both very close to 0%, -0.2% and -0.3% respectively. The national average is a gender pay gap of 7.9%. We are extremely pleased that we are not only outperforming the national average but are able to report a zero gender pay gap across the company for the 3rd successive year.

During the last two years we have actively worked to increase the number of Females within both operational and managerial roles within the business. Unfortunately, it remains true that Females still account for 18% of our staff. However, this is significantly outperforming the Security Industry average of 10% (SIA licence holders - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk))

We make the following statement with regards to our actions 2022/23:
  • We will work towards a balanced representation of women on our Leadership Team and Management Teams
  • For any new vacancies on our Leadership Team and senior management teams, we will continue to commit to shortlisting every Female applicant
  • We will continue to commit to interviewing any Female applicant with the relevant SIA Licence for all our operational posts.



Frano Lubura, General Manager