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Armed Forces Veterans Policy

1.           Introduction

SSGC employ and seek to employ staff who are members of the Veteran community and they recognisethe valuable contribution that they make to their communities and the workplace.

2.         Purpose and Scope

The Company has pledged its support for members of the Veteran Community and acknowledges the trainingundertaken by them during their service that enables them to bring their skills, abilities and work ethic to the business. This policy intends to define our obligations towards all employees who are Veterans. We offer internal mentors (ex-forces employees) to help manage and support these staff.

The Company will not disadvantage those who make it known that they are Veterans to the business.

The Company shall, guarantee interviews for all Veterans who meet the criteria of the role.

3.         Who is included?

Veterans are defined as anyone who has served for at least one day in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces (Regular or Reserve) or Merchant Mariners who have seen duty on legally defined military operations.

4.      Veteran Status Notification

Veterans are required to inform the company that they are a Veteran of the Armed Forces by way of a proof of Service. This is so that the Company can provide the appropriate level of support to the employee. The Company also recognises the additional skills and experiences that being a Veteran can bring to the Company and therefore it is useful for the Company to have an understanding of where these particular skills and experiences exist.

In any circumstance, the spouse/family member will not be disadvantaged as a result of notifying the Company of their status.

5.         Benefits

The Company will sponsor any veteran employee who wishes to obtain an SIA (Security Industry Authority) Licence.  

The Company will sponsor any veteran achieving supervisor status or higher with SSGC into membership of the Security Institute.

We seek to support the employment of veterans young and old and to work with the Career Transition Partnership (CTP), in order to establish a tailored employment pathway for Service Leavers.