Andrew McInnes

Aamina Mohamed
June 22, 2022

I joined SSGC in 2010 as an account manager, back when it was just SSG, following the completion of my graduate programme at BalfourBeatty, a leading international infrastructure group.

At the time I was probably the youngest on the team but thatwas never a barrier to the responsibilities I was given, as the business attempted to break into the facilities management market.

We started to see massive growth in just a few years and I was given more and more accountability over time, eventually taking the lead on the mobilisation projects we had flying through the door.

In 2014, the company went through a complete restructure,during which time I was promoted to national operations manager and was given a lot of exposure as the business went through centralisation.

This was a massive learning curve for me, both personally and professionally as I was pushed into the deep end, albeit with a lot of support, but really empowered with the responsibility to handle clients and to provide input on structural and internal changes.

Despite being a part of something big, I was eager to see what else was out there and decided to leave the business in 2014 to work at a SME in occupational health. I kept in touch with Dave and decided to return to SSGC in 2017 following the management buy-out.

As the business had significantly changed, I was once again responsible for building our profile back up in the facilities management market, but this time around with a lot more responsibility. I managed around£2-3 million growth and really got stuck into developing the operational functionalities of the business.

My skills really expanded at this stage as I was given exposure across the board and the opportunity to lend ideas and really be apart of affecting change across the business. As operational director, I managed close to 4,000 employees and was also able to give insight into our tech development, all of which really helped as the business went on to take on its biggest project at the start of the pandemic.

I can quite confidently say that the exposure I have had at SSGC really set the foundations to my development, both personally and professionally. Over the years, I have mastered the art of working with various different personalities and embraced the knack of reading data to adapt a plan to meet our end objectives – something I think is so important in our line of work.

We have a bunch of fantastic mentors and the culture really is one where you are empowered to take charge, make mistakes and learn from them.It’s why I have been able to progress so quickly through the ranks and there really is no ceiling to the limits to our success here!