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Iris Guard App User Guide

Azhar Jamal
June 22, 2022

Hello and welcome! This guide will help you understand how to use the SSGC Iris Guard app. It's like a digital helper for your work schedule and shifts. If you're unsure about anything, don't worry. We'll explain things step by step.

1. About SSGC Iris Guard App

Your personal work assistant

The SSGC Iris Guard app is designed to help you manage your work schedule, shifts, and important updates. Instead of keeping track of everything on email or just trying to remember, the app keeps it all organised and updated for you.

Key Features:

  • Checking your schedule: Easily view your work schedule anytime, anywhere. Tap to add to your calendar or navigate to the site with Google or Apple Maps.
  • Hassle-free Time and Attendance Management: Check-in and check-out of your shifts with just a tap. Complete check calls smoothly.
  • Stay Updated with Important Notifications: Receive timely notifications about shifts, check-ins, check-outs, and other relevant information.
  • Direct line of communication & support: Contact your supervisors or managers directly through the app for any questions or assistance.

2. Getting Set Up

Where to Download:

Who Can Use the App?

If you’ve received this link and you work with SSGC or a company that uses SSGC, you can log in and use the app.

Accessing Your Account:

  • Username: Your username is your “employee shortname,” usually your last name followed by an initial and your employee number (e.g., “SMITHJ12345”). Find this on your shift confirmation emails.
  • Password:
    • For SSGC employees: this is your National Insurance number
    • For Agency: your password was send to your Control Room via email and forwarded to you.

If you have any issues logging in, you can contact the SSGC Concierge. Agency guards should contact their Control Room.

3. Managing Your Work Time

Calls: What Are They?

Calls let us know everything is okay on-site. Previously, you called the Control Room or an automated hotline. Now, with the app, you can complete calls directly.

Types of Calls:

What if There’s a Problem?

  • Tap the Support Tab. This page has a selection of options depending on what you need assistance with, including
    • Help with the current shift you are on
    • Help with using the app
    • Contacting Control Room
    • Reporting an incident
    • Contacting SSGC Concierge
    • Accessing the handbook
  • You can always reach the Control Room via the call button to report any urgent issues that occur while you are on shift.

How to Complete a Call:

  1. You get a notification or alarm.
  2. Tap it and open the app.
  3. You will see an orange button instructing you to "book on", "book off" or "check call". If you can’t see it, pull down to refresh your schedule.
  4. Tap the button to complete the call.
  5. For some calls, complete an additional action (e.g., answer a question from the SSGC Academy).
  6. We will verify the action and mark the call as complete.

What if You’re Late?

Each call has a time window (normally 15-20 minutes). If you miss it, it will be noted, and someone will try to reach you to ensure everything is okay.

4. Your Profile & ID

Viewing Your Profile & ID:

  • Click on the ID tab at the bottom right of the Home page.
  • View your account information, ID card, and get help if needed.

Uploading a Photo:

  • Go to your ID / account, click “More Settings,” then click the Profile Photo button. Follow the steps to upload a clear and simple photo, similar to a work ID.

What if Your ID is Expired?

  • If it says "EXPIRED" on your ID, ask Concierge how to get a new card.

5. If Something Doesn't Work

Getting Help:

Go to the Support Page (middle tab)

  • Check the “How-Tos” in the app
  • If you have an app related problem, fill out the "App Feedback Form" shown on the same page
  • If you have an urgent issue, contact Control room

Still Need Help?

That's it! You now have a basic understanding of the SSGC Iris Guard app. Remember, it's here to help you with work, so don't hesitate to use it. If you're unsure about anything, ask someone you trust or contact the support team. Have a good shift!

Download the app on Android and iOS.