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Supporting the armed forces

SSGC recognised for its strong commitment to veterans

Aamina Mohamed
June 22, 2022

We are absolutely delighted to be recognised for our commitment to military veterans with a coveted bronze award from the Ministry of Defence’s employer recognition scheme.

Since we signed the Armed Forces Covenant (AFC) in April 2020, we have a strong track record of supporting and empowering retired veterans, which has been rubberstamped by this award.

The accreditation recognises organisations which pledge, demonstrate or advocate support to defence and the armed forces community and align their values with the AFC.

Our CEO David Stubbs, himself a former military police officer, ardently supports the AFC and throughout the life of our business has gone above and beyond to support our wider agenda. 

Struggling veteran supported by SSGC

Former Royal Military Policeman, Keith Horemans is a prime example of a struggling veteran who has been supported and empowered by SSGC since returning home. Keith was recruited by SSGC in January 2021 to work on several initiatives aimed towards improving the lives and wellbeing of veterans.

Keith said: “SSGC has been a driving force in helping me get back on my feet. Not too long ago I was diagnosed with complex post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) stemming from my military service, after which my job, which I had secured post-operations, was made redundant.  

“I have known David for more than 30 years now as we went through military training together. We got back in touch through a colleague and I was thrilled to find out about his success and the business’s commitment to armed forces across the country.

“The team at SSGC has not just helped me get a handle on my PTSD but has also empowered me with a purpose to drive forward an agenda I am so passionate about. It’s not just a job for me; while it does help me pay the bills and look after my family, it’s also one that I strongly believe is making a difference and helping these selfless individuals settle back into normality.

“It’s so important to recognise these retired officers who, in most cases, have sacrificed a large part of their lives serving their country. Not many of us are vocal about the mental health issues we face when returning home, so it is paramount that organisations who have the power to affect change strike while the iron is hot, and I am so grateful to SSGC for what they have done for me.”

Improving veterans’ lives

Together with former soldier James Rose, Keith has been implementing policies and procedures that are tailored towards improving the lives of veterans, reservists and forces families around the country.

Keith and James have been instrumental in setting up a dedicated email address which former armed veterans, serving officers or family members can use to get in touch with the business. They have also help set up systems that allow the business to employ service spouses and families, wherever their current location is and grants a degree of flexibility to work with along with additional paid holidays.

Keith said: “We are working on a multitude of policies at the moment that are all aimed at improving the lives of our armed forces personnel and their families. To keep our members aware of ongoing development, we have also introduced a monthly newsletter which spouses internationally can also contribute towards.

“These steps demonstrate that SSGC is going that extra mile to take care of the families of our serving and retired service personnel. Together, we are providing them with the right support, they need to get through difficult and challenging circumstances.

“I am pleased to say that more than 500 veterans, 80 reservists and a number of spouses living in the UK and internationally have been provided with jobs over the last few months.”