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Supporting the armed forces

Top security firm sponsors annual endurance event on remembrance weekend

Aamina Mohamed
June 22, 2022

We are proud to dedicate our time to supporting military veterans which is why we’ve sponsored our dedicated charity Mission Motorsport’s 2021 Race of Remembrance at the Trac Mon race circuit in Anglesey.

We have once again joined forces with this brilliant charity to come together for the unique endurance race and pitlane service of remembrance, during which racers switch off their engines, bow their heads and fall silent to the notes of the Last Post at 11am on Remembrance Sunday.  

Charity fundraising

As well as the event sponsorship, we pledged a minimum of £30,000 towards the charity’s fundraising for 2021-22. The proceeds will help deserving armed forces veterans and service personnel who have been affected by their service reintegrate into society through the charity’s ‘race, retrain, recover’ mantra.

Honour to support veterans

Our CEO, David Stubbs is a former military police officer and has participated in several Mission Motorsport events, giving veterans high-octane passenger rides in his race-tuned Honda Civic Type-R.

David said: “It has been a privilege to be a part of these fantastic events this year and an honour to provide veterans and beneficiaries a fun day out to remember. 

“We have always said that our commitment to Mission Motorsport would extend far beyond purely a financial donation and we are delighted to partake in this event, helping their amazing work with Britain’s wounded, injured and sick (WIS) servicemen and women.”

Highest-endurance spec

Revamped to endurance specification by Shadow Motorsport in Nottingham, the Honda Civic was raced by David, alongside Jake Fraser-Burns and Kyle Harmon, of StubBurn Racing, to mark remembrance in a unique, inclusive and uplifting way.

Chris Tye, owner of Shadow Motorsport said: “Revamping David’s Honda Civic was wonderful but a challenge nevertheless, especially considering the three-week deadline we had to the Race of Remembrance, but not one that we shy away from here at Shadow Motorsport.

“After the initial examination of the car, we got on to the phone with our suppliers straight away and hit a few roadblocks owing to stock issues, but with some diligent research and hours on the phone we got everything we needed and got into the swing of things very quickly.

“I am happy to report that we have revamped the Honda Civic to the highest endurance spec and have made sure the vehicle is safe and secure ahead of the big day.”

Helping veterans through sport

A service charity and a member of the Confederation of Service Charities, Mission Motorsport has an award-winning collaborative model of working with government and other service charities to help vulnerable veterans engage through sport.

As a signatory of the Armed Forces Covenant (AFC), SSGC strongly believes in the charity’s ethos and has already donated more than £50,000 to it.

James Cameron, founder and CEO of Mission Motorsport, said: “We are incredibly grateful to David and the wider SSGC team for all of their support, not just for Race of Remembrance but throughout the year.

“As advocates for the armed forces, their continued support for not only the charity but for the wider military community is highly commendable. This time of year can be extremely difficult for many service personnel and our beneficiaries and the sponsorship provided by SSGC allows us to support those who need it.”