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Supporting the armed forces

SSGC's strong ties with the armed forces support growth

With ex-military on our leadership, SSGC is committed to assisting the armed forces community and has helped countless veterans return to a semblance of normality with the help they need, be it financial, physical or mental.

The business has successfully reintegrated several back into society including James Rose, a double amputee from active service in Afghanistan and Keith Horemans, a PTSD sufferer from his time in Bosnia.

As part of our Armed Forces Covenant pledges, we sponsor the SIA licence costs for any veteran wishing to join the company and guarantees any veteran or serviceperson an interview when applying for any post within the company.

We have also developed an e-learning environment for its workforce - an inclusive web-based platform that issues bite-sized learning modules to all staff. This academy was a finalist entry in the SEA in 2018 for Training Initiative of the Year.

The Yorkshire Regiment

We cemented our relationship with the Yorkshire Regiment during the first Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020, when a rallying call to veterans resulted in more than 4,000 people being deployed to marshal Covid-19 testing centres around the country – many of whom were veterans.


The alliance between us led to silverware in the shape of the Security Partnering Initiative of the Year prize at the Fire and Security Excellence Awards 2020. Our partnership was also a key factor in our CEO David Stubbs being awarded Businessman of the Year by the Ex-Forces in Business Awards in 2021.

Generosity to the Regiment

Major Pat Ralph, from the Yorkshire Regiment, said: “SSGC has been very generous towards the veterans when it comes to benevolence. Where we can’t find funding for a project, David has come forward and said he would fix it for us.”

He said the ongoing focus with SSGC would be to continue recruiting veterans for roles and developing their professional qualifications.

He continued: “Along with David, we’re developing the SIA qualifications badges for the veterans to use in future. David is keen to continue the relationship with the regimental family, which means we all win.

“He’s going to have high-quality workers in his company and the veterans are going to benefit, along with their families.

“It may not be the veterans’ first choice of job, but it is something we would strongly recommend they investigate, as the benefits are huge.”

Continuing to grow

Today, this burgeoning collaboration is continuing to grow and thrive as the country takes its steps towards a return to normality and we continue to report an exponential life-cycle of growth, previously unheard of in the security industry.

The business’s commitment to the armed forces and our work across a multitude of industries including healthcare, shopping centres, education, facilities management and retail, has helped us become a leading tier two supplier, assisting the UK’s largest government service and FM companies with a specialist security service.

The Regiment’s role

Our CEO, David Stubbs said: “This has been an incredible journey for SSGC. At the beginning of 2021, we were deploying personnel who were working around 54,000 hours per month and now we are looking at 700,000-plus hours.

“A lot of time and investment has gone into our people and the development of cutting-edge technology to enable us to safely deploy a highest level of expertise. In fact, we have recently invested a significant amount into our post-employment management system that is set to transform how our employees interact with their day-to-day workload.

“The efforts of the Yorkshire Regiment are a huge part of our success, particularly with our work with Serco and I have no doubt that our relationship will continue to flourish as an exciting set of projects continue to come our way.”

SSGC and Mission Motorsport

SSGC’s commitment to the armed forces has further been rubberstamped by our ongoing support to our dedicated charity, Mission Motorsport which helps veterans and service personnel recover and reintegrate through its mantra ‘race, retrain, recover’.

David, who races in several UK motorsport series, regularly lends his time at events organised by the charity to meet and engage with veterans and their families and gives them laps around a circuit in his race-tuned Honda Civic Type-R.

SSGC is committed to providing equal opportunities to everyone regardless of race, colour, gender or social status, with workers’ rights at the heart of all it does. All this has been carried out at considerable speed as the company has scaled up operations in multiple sectors around the country.